StockRx is intuitive inventory management for pharmacy

Built for, and with, independent pharmacy groups. Track your pharmacy’s deliveries and analyse the profitability of your dispensary stock securely and in real-time.

What StockRx can do for you

Digitise invoices

StockRx centralises supplier paperwork and PDF documents, keeping them all in one place.

Manage suppliers

StockRx automatically reconciles deliveries and credits against supplier month-end statements.

Track credits

Clear evidence to challenge suppliers’ processes and help track the credits you are owed.

Increase visibility

View live price movements, per-product margin, and stock levels across your estate.

StockRx Features

Stay on top of your margins

Use StockRx to analyse your purchasing data across all suppliers, in one place. Gain more control over your bottom line with a live view of your estate’s profitability.

• Compare paid prices against tariff and concession, per store, product by product.

• Analyse price fluctuations within and between your suppliers.

• Compare paid prices against market price (coming Q1 2024)

Hold suppliers accountable

Automated month-end reconciliation, and a complete digital history to keep track of all your supplier data.

• A digital footprint for every product purchased to help manage your suppliers and automatically reconcile end of month statements.

• Clear evidence to challenge supplier processes and help track the credits you are owed.

• Complete searchable history of all invoices, including CD filter.

Track live stock levels (coming Q1 2024)

Track your stock levels across all products, in all shops, at all times. Currently in testing on a limited release with our customers.

• No more waiting for an annual stock take to help optimise your working capital.

• Use the StockRx API to pull your stock data into any system you wish. For example, instantly show patients if a medicine is available at their local pharmacy.

• Let StockRx analyse overstock and understock across the estate to automatically suggest the most valuable inter-branch transfers.

Book in deliveries on any device

StockRx’s app and web portal allows any staff member to book in stock on the go, wherever the tote has been left.

• Automatically standardise your deliveries against DM+D and C+D.

• Digitally capture supplier errors at point of delivery and never miss another credit.

• Bulk upload PDF invoices from any of your suppliers, or simply take a photo using the app to instantly digitise and extract data.